Editing a webhook

Learn how to edit a webhook.

To edit a webhook:

  1. Click Webhooks in the left navigation. The Webhooks page appears.

  2. Click More options (vertical ellipses) associated with the webhook you want to modify and click Edit.

  3. Select the version from the API Version dropdown list.

  4. Change toggle to Disabled or Enabled.

  5. If required, select the API version you want to associate with events from the API Version dropdown list. By default, the confidential key version is selected.

  6. Choose the Authentication method (HTTP or OAuth) and complete the authentication options and fields.

  7. Enter the URL for the endpoint in the Endpoint URL field.

  8. Select the check box next to each event you want to associate with the endpoint or select the Events Selected check box to select all events. At least one event type must be selected.

  9. Click Save.

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