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Sales transactions

Learn how to use the Sales Transactions resource.
The Sales Transactions resource provides you with the following information for individual sales transactions or a list of sales transactions:
  • When sales transactions were fulfilled and invoiced
  • Which currency is used in the shopper's transaction amount
  • Which currency is used in the transaction payout amount
  • What types of sales transactions occurred, such as sale, refund, or return
  • What products were sold and the quantities
  • How impending payout amounts were calculated for a specific transaction including deductions and adjustments such as tax, shipping, fees, Digital River share, or shipping discount
  • The Digital River entity that owes you for the sales transaction
  • The entity related to you that Digital River owes for the sales transaction
  • If a sales transaction has been aggregated in a sales summary, the associated sales summary ID for the sales transaction
The Sales Transactions resource allows you to return a list of sales transactions and get a sales transaction by ID.