Disclosures, compliance statements, and emails

Learn more about the standards related to displaying Digital River policies, notices, and terms.

The checklist items and standards in this section cover how to display the Digital River policies, notices, and terms that necessary for maintaining MOR/SOR compliance. This includes how to display the proper localized text and links on various pages in your integration and do the same in customer email notifications.

Integration checklist

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Subscription specific

Integration standards

These integration standards relate to disclosures and compliance statements:

Integrate method to retrieve disclosure elements

In the footer of all checkout pages, your integration must have a compliance element that automatically retrieves and renders the required links to Digital River's policies, notices, and terms.

When you pass this compliance element to the createElement() method, you can include two parameters: locale and entity. By specifying these parameters, the compliance element returns localized text and hyperlinks.

The optional locale sets the language of the disclosure information presented to the customer. The required entity should be the Digital River selling entity that is facilitating the transaction. During the checkout process, retrieve the locale and sellingEntity.id returned by the Checkouts API and then pass these values to the createElement() method.

Present reseller disclosure terms and acquire acceptance

In the footer of all your checkout pages, you should use the get compliance details method to render the required links to Digital River's policies, notices, and terms. Each url returned by this method is contained within an easily identifiable hash table (such as termsOfSale, privacyPolicy or legalNotice) that simplifies placement.

In some regions and locales, additional disclosures may be required. For your convenience, they are also returned by the compliance method.

On the review order page of your checkout flow, use resellerDisclosure.localizedText and resellerDisclosure.url to both display and provide a link to Digital River's reseller disclosure.

On the same page, use confirmDisclosure.localizedText to provide Digital River's terms and display a checkbox control to acquire the customer's active acceptance of those terms.

Send customer email notifications that contain the necessary disclosures

At certain stages in the order life cycle, your integration should respond to Digital River emitted events by sending email notifications to the customer. At a minimum, you should email the customer when the order is confirmed, cancelled, shipped, and refunded. Either programmatically or in Digital River Dashboard, you can configure webhooks to detect these events, and then your integration can respond by emailing the customer.

Customer emails must also contain the required disclosures, similar to those in the footer of your checkout experience pages, that you retrieve with the get compliance details method.

Send subscription notifications

In the Subscription Notifications article (click here for access information), you can find a complete list of the required and recommended subscription-related notifications and what should be included in each.

Disclose the autorenewal terms

When customers purchase an auto-renewing subscription, you must disclose the terms and acquire the customer's active acceptance of them. For more information on the specific disclosures that are required, refer to the Subscriptions and Auto-Renewal Considerations article (click here for access information).

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