Determining the checkout's status

Learn how to check the status of a Prebuilt Checkout

The DigitalRiverCheckout object exposes getStatus(). This function can be used to determine the status of a Prebuilt Checkout.

const status = drCheckout.getStatus();

The function returns a status that indicates the state of the modal and the customer’s currentStep in the experience:

    "status": {
        "modal": "active",
        "currentStep": "addressInfo"

The following are the possible modal status values:

  • pending: The checkout-session identifier has not yet been created

  • inactive: The checkout-session identifier has been created and the modal is initialized

  • active: The modal window is displayed to the customer

  • failed: The modal window cannot be displayed to the customer

  • aborted: The customer closed the modal window

  • finished: The customer successfully provided payment and submitted the order


The following are the possible currentStep values:

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