Creating shipping labels

Learn how to create shipping labels from the Order details page.

The Create shipping label link is enabled on the Order details page when that order has been fulfilled and is ready for shipping.

The customer's account must support and have permission to use the Global Logistics service in order to generate shipping labels.

To download an invoice:

  1. Click Orders in the left navigation. The Orders page appears.

  2. Filter your orders, if needed.

  3. Click the order ID link under the ID column. The Order details page appears.

  4. To create a shipping label for that order, click the Create shipping label link at the top of the Order details page.

    The Create shipping label modal appears.

  5. Enter the requested information in the Create shipping label modal.

    This information includes

    • Checkboxes for electing which items to ship.

    • Quantity of the items being shipped.

    • File type for the shipping label. PDF, PNG, ZPL, and GIF formats are supported.

    • Weight of the items being shipped.

    • Unit of measure for the total weight. Oz., lb., g (gram), and kg are supported.

  6. Click Submit to produce the shipping label. The label file is automatically downloaded to the browser using the specified file type format.

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