Creating a restricted key

Learn how to create a restricted key.

If you want more security, you can create restricted API keys. A restricted key reduces risk when using or building services by providing the minimum level of access and permissions a service needs to access specific resources in the Digital River API. Use restricted keys when you want to limit access to services that interact with the Digital River API.

To create a restricted key:

  1. Click API keys in the left navigation. The API keys page appears.

  2. From the API keys page, click Create restricted key.

  3. Select the API version you want to associate with the restricted from the API Version dropdown list. Note: You must select at least one permission.

  4. Complete the remaining fields and click Create key.

You can delete a restricted key when you no longer need it, or you suspect it is compromised. You can also rotate or edit a restricted key to change its level of access.

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