WEEE directive requirements

Understand the WEEE directive requirements.

Compliance requirements

Each directive has different compliance responsibilities for the producers, retailers, and manufacturers in the supply chain.



  • Register with local compliance schemes.

  • Provide sales volume data to the compliance scheme.

  • Provide product attributes to the compliance scheme.

  • Pay registration fees to the compliance scheme.

  • Submit a product catalog to the compliance scheme in order to assess fee obligations.

  • Confirm their roles and obligations in a jurisdiction with the compliance scheme.

Fee Administration

  • Enter fee values and product attributes.

  • Associate fees with products, product subcategories, or categories.

  • Update fee values per required frequency.


  • Run appropriate reports to calculate the required data for each compliance scheme.

  • Submission of the report to a compliance scheme per required frequency.


  • Process compliance scheme invoice.

  • Pay the invoice directly to the compliance scheme.



Provide collection and transport of WEEE to the recycling facility. This is managed through the compliance schemes with which Digital River is registered in the given jurisdiction.


  • Present fees at the point of sale, as appropriate.

  • Provide recycling information to customers.

  • Control and present the producer registration number, as appropriate.



Ensure products are designed and manufactured in compliance with WEEE and RoHS regulations. Manufacturer obligations should be specified in the client's HRA.


Ensure that products carry the appropriate labels on devices, packaging, and cables.

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