Partner integrations

Use the tools you know to integrate with Digital River.

Digital River partners with best-of-breed companies to provide easy-to-integrate ecommerce connectors, extensions, and plugins for tools you already know and love. Our partner integrations allow you to:

  • Easily implement backend ecommerce tools

  • Remove onus of payment risk and tax regulations

  • Integrate without touching existing front-end work or contemporary extensions

  • Build a shopper experience with your chosen tools (and Digital River's financial expertise)

Get familiar with our partner integrations:

Partner Integration


Magento Extension

Combines leading commerce and order management capabilities with Digital River's leading payments and risk protection services. Use Magento to create seamless shopping experiences while Digital River works behind the scenes to process payments, fight fraud, fulfill orders, and shield your business from a global tax and regulatory risk.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Connector

This expertly solves B2B complexities and provides a smooth self-service shopping experience, while Digital River excels in providing solid ecommerce backend functionality. Rather than trying to handle all of these difficult issues, Digital River integrates with Salesforce to combine these best-of-breed strategies: Salesforce crafts a beautiful front-end purchasing experience, including product details, checkout, and payment information, while Digital River handles behind-the-scenes tax compliance, payment processing, and risk mitigation.

Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge

Provides a global payments and risk mitigation solution. Digital River enables localized payment methods, tax calculation, and secure localized payment processing to minimize declines and foreign transaction fees. Beyond payments, Digital River works behind the scenes to fight fraud, minimize chargebacks, optimize billing to increase authorization rates, and manage global taxes and regulatory compliance. The Digital River LINK cartridge is essential for brands looking to enter new global markets with ease while delivering the right local payment methods, currencies, and tax calculations. This is the only extension brands need for payments, fraud, tax, financial reconciliation, and compliance.


Spark from Tryzens for Salesforce Commerce Cloud plus Digital River provides a fast and easy way to implement a complete, scalable ecommerce solution optimized for global payment processing. Get to market quickly with a single-solution for your back-office processes for payment, taxes, fraud, and regulatory compliance and allow Digital River to shoulder the risk.

Spark leverages Digital River’s LINK cartridge for Salesforce B2C for a complete global payments and risk mitigation solution, while Tryzens manages setup and implementation for clients, creating a crafted front-end experience and full Salesforce cloud integration in just 12 weeks.

For more information, contact Digital River.

WordPress Plugin

You can use the WordPress Plugin to integrate your customer experience in WordPress with Digital River Global Commerce.