Digital River API
If you have a commerce technology in place, the Digital River API allows you to integrate our back-end payments, tax, fraud, and compliance services.
More than a global payments and fraud solution, Digital River acts as the authorized reseller of your products. That means we assume the risk of the sale, managing taxes, and regulations on your behalf. In order to perform these valuable services, we need to first collect some basic data on what you're selling, where the product originates, who you're selling to, and how the customer is paying. This data allows us to apply the right tax, process payments, perform fraud screening, and comply with local regulations using our legal entities.
You can use the Digital River API to:
    Integrate Digital River with your existing technology
    Benefit from our merchant of record model where we act as your legal reseller to shield you from the risk and complexity of cross-border selling
    Accept online payments and fight fraud
    Automate global taxes and regulatory compliance
    Accelerate global expansion
    Localize checkout experiences
    Optimize revenue
    Protect your business from risk
Last modified 5mo ago
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