Look and feel

Learn how to customize Drop-in.

Using the Cornerstone theme, you can style the look and feel of the elements within the Drop-in component using Page Builder.

You can change the following body text and link attributes:

  • Body text font family

  • Link font family

  • Link color

  • Link hover color

Form Checklist

  • Form Background

  • Form header text color

  • Form border color

Styling the Pay button

To style the Pay button within the Digital River drop-in component:

  1. Click Store Setup in the app menu on the left and then click Themes.

  2. Copy the following text and paste it at the bottom of the optimized-checkout.scss file. .DR-pay-button{ background-color: BLACK !important; } .DR-button-text{ color: RED !important; } Important: You must add the !important rule to the CSS line.

  3. Click Save File. The results will look like this:

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