Step 8: Configure a product

Learn how to configure a product for your store.

Adding a product

You can configure the product as you normally would in BigCommerce with some exceptions. This task walks you through product requirements for Digital River.

To add a product:

  1. Click Add to create a new product.

  2. Under Basic Information, enter the values for Product Name, Default Price, and Weight.

  3. Under Product Identifiers, enter the values for SKU and the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). Your fulfillment partner can provide the manufacturer part number if you are using Digital River's Managed Fulfillment.

  4. Under Pricing, enter the default price of the product (including tax), select Default Tax Class from the Tax Class dropdown, and provide a code in the Tax Provider Tax Code field. See Tax code in Managing SKUs for more information.

  5. Under Custom Fields, click Add Custom Fields.

  6. An ECCN field is required. To create an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) field, enter ECCN in the Custom Field Name field and enter an ECCN value in the Custom Field Value field.

  7. A skuGroupId field is required if you are using the Digital River app for landed cost. To create a SKU Group ID field, enter skuGroupID in the Custom Name field and enter the skuGroupId value in the Custom Field Value field. The skuGroupId uniquely identifies the SKU group associated with the SKU. See Grouping SKUs for more information.

    When updating the skuGroupId, you must also update or change the Basic Product details. When the webhook triggers, this ensures the product details are synchronized with Digital River.

  8. In the left navigation, click Customs Information under Fulfillment.

  9. Select the Manage customs information check box.

  10. Select a country from the Country of origin dropdown.

  11. Optional. Type a brief description of the product in the Commodity description field.

  12. Click Save.

Editing an existing product

To edit an existing product:

  1. Click Products in the menu on the left and then click View. The View Products page appears.

  2. Choose one of the following options to edit a product:

    • Click the link under the Product Name column for the product you want to edit.

    • Click More options under the Actions column for the product you want to update and then click Edit to update a product.

  3. Update the appropriate fields.

  4. Click Save.

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