Step 3: Configure currencies

Learn how to configure currencies for your store.

You must configure payments before you configure currencies.

To configure currencies within the BigCommerce:

  1. Click Settings in the app menu on the left and then click Currencies.

  2. Click the Add new currency button. The Add Currency dialog box appears.

  3. Select a currency code from the dropdown menu and click Next.

  4. Enter the display name for the currency under Currency display configurations.

  5. Optional. Use Shift+Click to select the countries where this currency will be used. If the field is blank, the currency is available in all countries.

  6. Select an option for Transacting currency.

  7. Enter the static conversion rate. The static conversion rate remains the same until you enter a different conversion rate. Using this method avoids constantly fluctuating prices in non-default currencies.

  8. Complete the fields under Currency display to customize how the currency will appear to customers.

  9. Click Save.

  10. To allow shoppers to transact in this currency, click the toggle in the Visible? column.


Digital River on BigCommerce can be configured for multiple currencies at a time. A single Digital River merchant account accepts all Digital River-supported transaction currencies. For more information, visit Multicurrency.

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