Step 2: Configure payments

Learn how to configure payments for your store.

For the Drop-in to work, you have to configure the currency on the BigCommerce storefront and also enable the payment method on the Digital River Settings tab. You must complete this task for each supported currency listed in the Show payment methods dropdown list.

To configure payments:

  1. Click Settings in the app menu on the left and then click Payments.

  2. Disable all non-Digital River payment methods, if applicable.

  3. Scroll down to Online Payment Methods and expand the pane.

  4. Locate Digital River and click Set up. The Digital River Settings tab appears.

  5. From the Digital River Settings tab.

  6. Enter your Digital River API keys obtained from the Digital River Dashboard.

    • Production Confidential Key–Your Production Confidential Key provided to you by Digital River

    • Production Public Key–Your Production Public Key provided to you by Digital River

    • Test Confidential Key–Your Test Confidential Key (or “evaluation confidential key”) provided to you by Digital River

    • Test Public Key–Your Test Public Key (or “evaluation public key”) provided to you by Digital River

      Note: The same values that you entered for the fields above must also be copied into your Digital River Payments, Fraud, Tax & Compliance Management app.

  7. Select Yes from the Test Mode dropdown menu. Test Mode determines whether your store is in test mode. When you are ready to take payments, change this value to No (recommended).

  8. Required. Set up your warehouse location. You can use the Multi-Origin Shipping setting to support multiple warehouse locations in multiple countries, enter the location combinations in the Multi-Origin Shipping field. When entering the shipping location, use the following format: line1|line2|city|state|postal code|country code. You can use a comma (,) to delimit multiple shipping location combinations and a double pipe (||)such as if there is no value. For example: US>134-135 main street||Minnesota|MN|55343|US,CA>CA,FR>FR,DEFAULT>CN

  9. Click Save. Repeat steps 2-10 using the same API keys for each new or updated currency and warehouse location.

Each time you click Save, BigCommerce automatically creates a new webhook endpoint within your Digital River account You are responsible for deleting any duplicate or old webhook endpoints within Digital River to avoid sending duplicate event data to BigCommerce.

You must copy the same values that you entered in the fields above into your Digital River app.

You must enable and configure the following features within your Digital River account. They are not configurable within BigCommerce.

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