Learn about features provided with the Digital SAP Commerce Cloud extension.

The Digital River SAP Commerce Cloud extension provides the following features:

  • Physical and digital product sales support

  • Easy to use admin panel for configuration of the Digital River settings

  • One-way automated product information synchronization to keep product catalog in sync between the client and Digital River

  • Payment methods via our Drop-in integration, which also includes providing a seamless checkout flow and the necessary PSD2 compliance requirements

  • Robust error handling integrated into standard SAP reporting

  • Global tax exemption management—Support for US tax certificates and Global VAT IDs

  • Ability to configure Tax Inclusive/Exclusive Pricing ("Pretty Pricing")

  • Checkout, order, and fulfillment integration with cancellation and refund handling

  • Account Management (Order history, VAT invoices, Credit memos, and Saved payments)

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