Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce App 2.0

Use the Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce app to integrate your front-end purchasing experience with the Digital River API.

System requirements

  • Digital River Connector version number: 3.58

  • Package ID: 04tPb00000049azIAA

  • API Fleet and version: Digital River API–v2021-12-13.

  • Commerce Platform Version: This app was developed against B2B Commerce for Lightning Winter 2024.

  • Commerce Template Version:

    • This version was developed and tested against the B2B Commerce LWR (Enhanced) template. It currently supports the “Checkout Layout: Accordion” component only. The “Checkout Layout: One-Page” component is not currently supported.

    • Legacy support: This template version is backward compatible with the B2B Commerce Aura template.

Salesforce Lightning requirements

You must meet the following requirements before you can integrate the Salesforce Lightning app:

  • Salesforce administrators and users with Download AppExchange packages permission can install the Salesforce Lightning app.

  • Only install the app on the Enterprise and Unlimited versions of Salesforce.

  • Before installing the Digital River app, ensure that B2B Commerce is fully configured and functional and that you can order using the Salesforce-provided checkout flow. The Digital River app supports both synchronous and asynchronous checkout flows.

  • Obtain your public and secret key from your Digital River Business Development Manager. You will need this when you configure the Salesforce Lightning app.


Be aware of the following limitations when using this app:

  • The D2C Commerce LWR template is not currently supported.

  • When using this release with the B2B Commerce LWR template, only use the "Checkout Layout: Accordion" component. The “Checkout Layout: One-Page” component is not currently supported.

  • Guest checkout is not currently supported.

  • Tax Type should be Net (exclusive). Gross is not currently supported.

  • Split shipments are not supported.

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