Salesforce B2B Commerce App 1.0
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Learn more about the Salesforce B2B Commerce App.
The Salesforce B2B Commerce platform expertly solves B2B complexities and provides a smooth self-service shopping experience, while Digital River excels in providing solid ecommerce backend functionality. Rather than trying to handle all of these difficult issues, Digital River integrates with Salesforce to combine these best-of-breed strategies: Salesforce crafts a beautiful front-end purchasing experience, including product details, checkout, and payment information, while Digital River handles behind-the-scenes tax compliance, payment processing, and risk mitigation.
Using the Salesforce B2B Commerce App provides a host of benefits:
  • Seamless connectivity with Digital River's financial backend
  • Easy platform to install and configure
  • No micromanagement of the front-end shopper experience
  • Alleviates the burden of tax and fraud risk
  • Unites best-in-class front-end and back-end solutions
This guide describes how the Salesforce B2B Commerce App works, how to install the connector, and how to customize it for your specific needs.