Partner integration program

Learn about the partner integration program.

The partner integration program provides an easy way for select commerce and subscription partners to build seamless integrations into Digital River’s Global Seller Services. This program is a game-changer for partners and clients looking for an easy way to access Digital River’s merchant of record solution for simplifying global payments, tax, fraud, and compliance. As a result, partners can offer clients a quick, easy, and risk-free path to entering new global markets with best-of-breed capabilities.

Partners who engage in this program benefit from:

  • Reduced “cost to connect”

  • “Certified” connector to Digital River

  • Optional white labeling “powered by Digital River”

  • Financial incentive

Digital River has created a Toolkit to help guide partners through the development as well as ongoing sales and promotion.

Digital River’s Partner Integration program is designed to give you the industry’s most powerful solution for creating seamless online buying experiences while eliminating risk and complexity worldwide. We’re always looking for system integrators and technology partners who can work with our clients to bring these world-class commerce experiences to life. Interested in learning more about our Partner Integration program? Connect with us today!

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