Use wire transfers for order refunds

Learn how to use wire transfers to refund orders.

Configure wire transfer refund method

Initiate this type of refund by using the Credit Memo feature in the Adobe Commerce Admin UI – just as you would for orders paid with any other payment method.

When starting the refund process, you see a note advising that the refund cannot be processed until you have provided the needed bank details.

To complete the refund process with the Credit Memo:

  1. Look up the order you want to refund on the storefront, either on your My Account page (for authenticated shoppers) or the Order Lookup page (for guest shoppers).

  2. Fill in the bank information as requested.

  3. Click Submit. Once this information is received by Digital River, the refund will be processed.

Note: It may take up to 3 minutes for the Provide information link to appear. Additionally, when the refund.pending_information webhook is received, it triggers a refund_pending_information event in Adobe. You can use this event to trigger an email to be sent to shoppers to let them know they need to provide additional information in order to process the order refund.

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