Test the Digital River Extension

Learn how to test the Digital River Extension.

Digital River allows you to self-service your own test account, which you can use to fully test the Digital River Extension for Adobe Commerce in a staging environment.

  1. Follow the instructions in the Dashboard Quick Start Guide for the creation of a test account.

  2. Configure your Magento store with your test account’s public and secret keys.

Run the manual catalog sync

  1. In your Catalog, fill out the Digital River fields on a product and save it.

  2. When the sync completes, verify that the status is Success.

Placing an order

  1. Place an order in your storefront for one of the products you synced to Digital River.

  2. After placing the order, view that order in the Magento admin screens.

  3. In the Order & Account Information section, verify that you see a (DR) Digital River Order ID.

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