VTEX 1.0.0

Together, Digital River and VTEX provide the ultimate solution for simple, fast, and risk-free cross-border selling.

VTEX provides an enterprise commerce platform for delivering the experience consumers want. Digital River’s back-end payments, tax, fraud, and compliance services eliminate the risk and complexity of reaching new markets—and with a local selling approach.

System requirements

  • API Fleet and version: Digital River API–v2021-03-23

A Digital River account is required to use this extension. If you do not have a Digital River account, you may create a test account in our Dashboard. The extension will not create an account for you. To upgrade to a production-ready account, contact vtex@digitalriver.com.

Supported browsers

Digital River supports the following web browsers:

  • Safari (last four recent versions)

  • Chrome (last ten recent versions)

  • Firefox (last ten recent versions)

  • Edge (latest version)

Limitations and constraints

  • Stored payment methods are not supported and must be disabled.

  • You cannot use any non-Digital River payment processor or tax calculator.

  • Credit memos are not available for download in this version of the app.

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