Learn what features are provided with the Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge.

The Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge provides the following features:

  • Tokenization

  • Acquirer redundancy

  • Billing optimization

  • Multi-currency support and conversion

  • Tax calculation

  • Tax management (registration, collection, filing, tax identifiers, tax certificate, and remittance)

  • Tax exemption handling

  • Fraud screening

  • Advanced fraud management

  • Fraud liability guarantee

  • Chargeback mitigation and dispute management

  • Global regulatory compliance (for example, GDPR and PSD2)

  • Landed cost

  • Promotion handling

  • Header identifiers

  • Invoice and credit note handling

  • Bill-to address handling

  • API support for integrations using webhook processing

  • API support for integrations using customer credit functionality

  • Compliance link generation that uses the shopper's language and country.

Drop-in payment methods

The Digital River Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge for Commerce Cloud features Drop-in payments. Drop-in payments is a turnkey integration that allows you to dynamically update payment methods in your store's checkout experience. The integration uses the DigitalRiver.js library and comes with a standardized template that can be customized with minimal design work.

See Drop-in payments for a complete list of supported payment methods.

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