Magento Extension 2.1.1


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Use the Digital River Global Commerce v. 2.1.1 Extension for Magento to create seamless shopping experiences while Digital River works behind the scenes to process payments, fight fraud, fulfill orders, and shield your business from a global tax and regulatory risk. Digital River enables localized payment methods, tax calculation, and secure localized payment processing to minimize declines and foreign transaction fees. Beyond payments, Digital River helps to minimize chargebacks, optimize billing to increase authorization rates, and manage global taxes and regulatory compliance.
The Digital River Global Commerce v. 2.1.1 Extension for Magento is essential for companies looking to enter new global markets and configure their store locales with the right local payment methods, language, and currency. This is the only extension you will need for payments, fraud, tax, financial reconciliation, and compliance. A Digital River account is required to use this extension. If you do not have a Digital River account, contact [email protected].