What's new in version 2.0
Keep track of changes and upgrades to the WordPress Plugin.
  • The plugin supports Global Commerce locales and will display supported currencies for each locale in the WordPress Admin.
  • The WordPress Admin can specify the language for each locale. Built-in translation is supported but it is an expectation that the client will audit and customize their own translated content.
  • Product imports now display a progress bar and also allow an Admin to schedule when the product sync will be initiated.
  • The plugin integrates the Drop-in functionality, which is Digital River’s turn-key payments solution.
  • The plugin supports Global Tax management:
    • Registered Shoppers in the US locale can apply their tax exemption in the checkout flow.
    • When enabled for the storefront, a Shopper (non-US locale) can apply their "Tax Identifier" in the checkout flow.
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