Operations and Maintenance

Learn how to operate and maintain the SAP Commerce Cloud app.

Order Management System (OMS)

The Digital River Order Management System (OMS) app is built on an Out of Box (OOB) yacceleratorordermanagement template. Out of Box order flow and actions have been changed to support various OMS functionalities of Digital River, including fulfillment, cancel, and returns.

Order Flow

  • A modified order flow is available in the projectdata-dynamic-business-process-order.impex file in the yacceleratorordermanagement folder in the provided archive.

  • If the Digital River order status is in_review or pending_payment, the system pauses the order flow. The system will resume the order flow after the application receives an order.accepted or order.blocked event from Digital River.

  • Once the order is shipped, the system sends a create fulfillment request to Digital River, and the order flow will wait for an order.charge.capture.complete and order.charge.completed event from Digital River before moving to the complete state.

  • The payment transaction table for an order will have all the entries for Digital River payment transactions, including tokenization, authorization, capture, and returns.

  • The system sends a Digital Products Fulfilment request to Digital River immediately after an order confirmation email is triggered. A new action has been integrated after the sendOrderPlacedNotificationAction completes. The merchant must integrate the same action or fulfillment API call when fulfilling digital products in the custom application.

Cancel flow

Digital River sends a cancel request whenever an end-user raises a cancel request through the self-service cancel. A Cancel API call is integrated into the immediate cancel flow as well. The Merchant application can reuse this API call or integrate the service method on any other custom cancel flows.

Return flow

The app supports two different ways to create refund requests at Digital River.

Self-service return

  • To send a refund request to Digital River, change the return order flow available in the projectdata-dynamic-business-process-return.impex file in the yacceleratorordermanagement folder in the provided archive.

  • When Digital River creates a request, the system will pause the refund flow until it receives an order.charge.refund.complete and refund.complete from Digital River.

  • Transaction tables will be updated with refund entries once order.charge.refund.complete is received.

  • The return will move to complete the action after the refund.complete event is received.

Customer support return

A customer support agent can go to Digital River Dashboard to create a refund request for an order. To access the Dashboard, click the DRRefund button in the Backoffice Order view. The DRRefund button will redirect the customer support agent to the respective Order details page in the Dashboard. Support agents will be prompted for their user credentials when they access Dashboard. Appropriate return and refund entries will be made in the Dashboard app once it receives the refund.complete event for that order.

Event handling

The Digital River SAP Commerce Cloud app provides the service class for capturing and handling various order update events from the Digital River system. The app handles the following events:

  • order.accepted

  • order.blocked

  • order.charge.capture.complete

  • order.charge.completed

  • order.charge.refund.complete

  • refund.complete

Merchants can create a webhook by providing the URL for the service endpoint URL in the Dashboard by accessing the following URL: https://dashboard.digitalriver.com/webhooks.

Check the status of the events mentioned above from the event log.