Test the Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge

Learn how to test the Salesforce B2C LINK cartridge.

Testing prerequisites

  • Digital River cartridges have been successfully installed and configured.

  • At least one product has been configured with the required Digital River product attributes. Only products that have been configured with the Digital River attributes should be used for storefront testing.

  • Products have been synced.

  • (Optional) Schedule all jobs described in the user guide.

Customer account creation

Create an account in the Storefront. Open Business Manager.

Select Merchant Tools, select Customers, and click Customers. Find the customer by number or name.

Scroll down to the Digital River section with the Global Commerce Customer ID attribute. It should not be empty.

Placing an order

Place an order on the storefront with any account or as a guest. Once you place an order, open Business Manager and select Merchant Tools, select Ordering, and then click Orders. You can find your order by number or click Find with an empty order number field and select the last-placed order from the list.

On the Attributes tab, you’ll see the Digital River Attributes section with attributes. Attributes should not be blank.

Test scenarios or test cases

Test cases for checking cartridge performance are described in the Digital River test cases document in the same repository location as the cartridges.

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