Configure the Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge

Set up the Salesforce B2C LINK Cartridge and Business Manager.

Custom site preferences

After successfully importing the metadata, select BM Merchant Tools, select Site Preferences, and then select Custom Preferences to see Custom Site Preferences Groups.

Click Digital River to see the cartridge setup fields.

Field Title


Enable Digital River

Turns on/off Digital River integration.

*API Key

Digital River publishable API key.

*Digital River public key

Your public API key.

Webhook Signature Token

The signing secret (signature token) used by the webhooks to send notifications for events such as a refund event from SFCC endpoints. Each webhook has a unique signing secret.

Each site is configured with a single endpoint URI and token.

**Digital River ship from country

The ship-from country for physical products. You can only configure a single ship from country per site under Site Preferences in the Business Manager.

Digital River ship from state

The ship-from state for physical products.

**Digital River ship from city

The ship-from city for physical products.

**Digital River ship from address line 1

The ship-from address line 1 for physical products.

Digital River ship from address line 2

The ship-from address line 2 for physical products.

**Digital River ship from postal code

The ship-from postal code for physical products.

Modified SKUs update requested

The custom attribute (flag) updated from the Business Manager extension.

Replace all promotions with one fixed amount.

Replace all promotions with one fixed amount

Important: Refer to this information before enabling.

All SKUs update requested

The custom attribute (flag) updated from the Business Manager extension.

Enable US Tax exemptions

Enable processing of tax certificates.

Technical Email Address

The email address where the webhook notifications will be sent.

Digital River Default Entity

The default selling entity used for compliance. Note that this value must match the selling entity format expected by the Digital River API and will be provided by Digital River.

Digital River Drop In payment redirect option

Turns the payment redirect flow on or off. The default setting is Yes. If Yes is selected, the Drop-in configuration sets the disableAutomaticRedirects flag to True.

The payment charge for the redirect payment type is made only when the order is placed and the redirect is completed.

The Salesforce order is placed once the Digital River order been placed. The user is then redirected to payment processing.

If the payment is successful, the user sees a Thank You page or is redirected back to the payment selection page.

If option is set to No, the Drop-in configuration is not included with disableAutomaticRedirects option.

The payment charge for a redirected payment type is made before an order is placed.

*Digital River provides the values for these fields.

**Digital River requires these custom site preferences.

Business Manager roles and permissions

To enable the Digital River Business Manager extensions, add the Write permission to the targeted access role. This is optional to enable the Digital River Service Checker and Request SKUs to update the modules.

In Business Manager, select Administration, and then select Roles and Permissions. To add the Digital River modules to a role, click the role you want to modify (or create a new one). Then click one or more checkboxes to select the Business Manager modules for that role.

In the next menu, add the Write permission to the Digital River group as indicated below.

See Business Manager for more information about Digital River modules.

Lastly, the order status update job must be able to access the order to update the status of the order properly. To enable this job to function properly, you must change the site settings.

  1. Select Merchant Tools, select Site Preferences, and click Order.

  2. Set Limit Storefront Order Access to No.

  3. Set Storefront Order Filter by Customer Session to No.

Updating shipping methods to support digital products

In order to meet the SFCC requirement to have a shipping method for creating an order, add a dedicated digital shipping method for digital products with a specified price amount. Set the Exclusions of the shipping method (as shown below).

Ensure that if the basket contains the products without the custom attributedrDigitalProductand products where that attribute is set tofalse, this digital shipping method will not be applicable. Therefore, customers are unable to select this shipping method for mixed and non-digital carts.

Note: All other existing shipping methods should be also configured so that they are not shown when there are only digital products in the basket.

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