Salesforce B2B Commerce App logs

Learn how to work with the Salesforce B2B Commerce App logs.

All Salesforce B2B Commerce App application logs are logged to a custom object called DCM Application Logs “digitalriverv2__DCM_Applications_Log__c”. The default logging level of the app is always set to ERROR. That is, it only logs errors. You can modify the default logging level in Step 13.

The app displays generic user-friendly error messages on the storefront user interface (UI), and the actual Error/Exception details will be logged to the DCM application log object. The Logging Level field on this object indicates the severity level of the log created by the application.

As you can see in the image above, there was an error while making a callout to Digital River API (Logging Level field is set to ERROR), and the request/response information is logged for debugging purposes. There are fields in this Log object that capture run-time exception information, as shown in the following image:

The Record Id field has information about the Salesforce or Digital River record that generated this log. In the following example, the Salesforce Record ID, a1U4C000000MnppUAC, generated the log. Note that the Logging Level for this record is DEBUG. That is, the severity level of this log is DEBUG, and this is only for debugging purposes. You can click the link next to the Link to Record field to go to the Salesforce record for the ID captured in the Record Id field.

Similarly, we have other fields for capturing User information (User Information section), Salesforce Governor Limits, and other support data. In case of any errors/exceptions encountered in the app, DCM Application logs would be the first place to go for debugging purposes.