Step 3: Configure the Salesforce B2B Commerce App

Learn how to configure the Salesforce B2B Commerce App.

The following steps show you how to configure the Salesforce B2B Commerce App.

Step 3a: Update the General Config Settings

The General Config tab provides information that is used by the app to establish secure connections between the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform and Digital River. This tab also includes information about the default Ship From address that will be used in the requests that will be sent to Digital River.

To update the General Config settings:

  1. Click App Launcher .

  2. Type Digital River App in the Search apps and items field.

  3. Click Digital River App.

  4. Your Digital River Business Development Manager will provide your DR Public Key and DR Secret Key. These keys are unique to your site. For security reasons, the Public key and Secret Key fields will always show up as blank values on the UI screen. All the remaining fields on this tab can remain the same (OOTB values) or can be updated based on the functionality that needs to be enabled for this Digital River Site. Please check with your Digital River Business Development Manager before updating these values. The default warehouse location can be set by populating the Ship From fields shown on this tab.

5. Click Save. 6. Click Test DR Connection to verify whether you can successfully connect with the configured Digital River Salesforce B2B Commerce App site. If there are errors, check your settings and try again.

Step 3b: Update Fulfillment Config settings

The Fulfillment tab provides information that will be used internally by the app during the fulfillment flow and this tab will be removed in future releases. These settings also define when a particular CC Order can be cancelled.

For example, a CC Order can be cancelled only when:

  1. The Digital River Order State on CC Order is accepted or pending_payment or in_review or blocked.

  2. The DR Order Item state on CC Order Items is either created or cancelled.

Do not modify any of these settings as these are used internally by the app.




DR Public Key

Digital River public key

DR Secret Key

Digital River confidential key

DR Callout Time

Web Service Call Time Out in milliseconds

DR Render Time

This field is deprecated and no longer used

DR JS Static Resource Name

Enter the DigitalRiver.js Static resource name

DR CSS Static Resource Name

Enter the Digital River CSS Static resource name

Display Proceed to Payment Button

Toggle to enable or disable the Proceed to Payment Page button on the Order Review page for Non-Subscription $0 Orders. Users are given an option to proceed to the Payment page or directly place an order from the Order Review page.

Display Place Order Button

Toggle to enable or disable the Place Order button on the Order Review page for $0 Orders. Users can place an order directly from the Order Review page without the need to go to the Payment page.

Display PO Number

Display the Input Field on the Payment page to capture the PO number.

Display Upload Tax Certificate Link

Toggle to Enable/Disable the Tax Exempt Link on the User Info page and My Tax Certificates on the My Account page.

Product Sync Job Notification Email

Email address where the Product Sync Job Notifications will be sent.

Ship From Address Line 1

The first line of the address.

Ship From Address Line 2

The second line of the address.

Ship From City

The city of the address.

Ship From State

The state, province, or address.

Ship From Country

A two-letter Alpha-2 country code as described in the ISO 3166 international standard.

Ship From PostalCode

The postal code.