Step 1: Install the Salesforce B2B Commerce App

Learn how to install the Salesforce B2B Commerce App.

To install the Digital River App:

Before you click Install, you must map your B2B Customer profile to provide the appropriate access and permissions.

This package is currently not available in the App Exchange. It has been submitted for Salesforce Security Review and the estimated time for approval is around 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile, you can use the direct Package URL link given below:

Package URL: Version Number: 1.20.

  1. Click the Package URL link.

  2. Sign in to the Salesforce Org where you want to install the package. After a successful login, the installation wizard appears.

  3. Select the check box to acknowledge the installation of this non-Salesforce application.

  4. Click Install for Specific Profiles and select Full Access for all profiles you want to use with the Salesforce B2B. In the following screenshot, we selected the profile My B2B Storefront Registered User. Select the appropriate B2B profiles that you want to install the package for and grant them Full Access.

  5. Click Install. The installation process will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

  6. You should receive an email once the package is successfully installed. You can look at the installed package by going to the Installed Packages page in your org.