Step 9: Create page labels

Learn how to create page labels.

You can use CC Page labels to add useful Salesforce B2B Commerce App information such as help text or error messages.

Download the DR-PageLabel-DataImport-File-CSV - Sheet.csv file for this task. It contains the page label information you need to import.

Step 9a: Install the Data Loader on your local system

You will use the Data Loader to upload the page labels. To install the Data Loader:

  1. Click Setup and select Setup from the dropdown list.

  2. Type dataloader in the Quick Find field and press Enter.

  3. Click Data Loader. The Data Loader page appears.

  4. Click the appropriate link to download and install the Data Loader for your system.

  5. Click the appropriate Installation Instructions link and follow the instructions to install the Data Loader.

Step 9b: Upload the CC Page Labels for the Salesforce B2B Commerce App

Install the Data Loader before you upload the page labels.

  1. Go to the location where you installed the Data Loader on your local system and double-click dataloader.bat.

  2. From the Data Loader app, click Upsert.

  3. Select Password Authentication.

  4. Enter your user credentials for your Salesforce Org, where you need to upload the Page labels and click Log in.

  5. Choose the CC Page Label (ccrz__E_PageLabel__c) object from the list.

  6. Click Browse, locate the DR-PageLabel-DataImport-File-CSV - Sheet.csv on your system, and then click Next.

  7. Select ccrz__PageLabelId__c as the external ID field from the dropdown list and click Next.

  8. Click Create Or Edit a Map to map your fields (CSV columns) to the Salesforce object and click Next.

  9. In the Mapping Dialog, map the fields as shown in the following image and click OK:

  10. Click Browse, locate the directory where you want to save success and error files, and then click Finish. The Data Loader app upserts your records.

  11. Click View Errors and check for failures. If there are any failures, correct the problem and try again.

  12. Click OK.

  13. Click App Launcher .

  14. Type Digital River App in the Search apps and items field.

  15. Click the CC Admin tab, and then click Indexing.

  16. Click Refresh Page Label Cache. You've completed the upsert process for the Digital River B2B CC Page Labels from the DR-PageLabel-DataImport-File-CSV - Sheet.csv file.