Step 6. Update the Product Sync settings

Learn how to update the Product Sync settings.

The Product Sync page allows you to configure the behavior of the automated product synchronization. A Batch job performs the synchronization, and you can schedule it to run periodically.

Set up the products you want to sync with Digital River before you perform this step. See Step 5d: Assign tax and ECCNs to products for instructions.

To update the Product Sync settings:

  1. Click App Launcher .

  2. Type Digital River App in the Search apps and items field.

  3. Click Digital River App.

  4. Click the Product Sync tab.

  5. Complete the following fields:

    • Size: This is the number of CC product records that the job will push to Digital River each time you run the job.

    • Filter By Status: By default, all products with a Released status will be synced to Digital River. Add a comma-separated list of CC Product statuses to override this behavior.

    • Batch Schedule Time: Defines the frequency of the batch job run in minutes.

  6. Click Test DR Connection to verify whether you can successfully connect with the configured Digital River site.

  7. If the connection to Digital River is successful, click Save. If there are errors, check your settings and try again.