Step 12: Refresh the configuration cache

Learn how to refresh the configuration cache.

CC Admin configurations are cached. Refresh the configuration cache to ensure you can see the latest configuration changes made to the Storefront.

  1. Click Global Settings to return to the Global Settings page.

  2. Click Configuration Cache Management under GLOBAL SETTINGS.

  3. Click Build New.

  4. Click Refresh List. You may have to click Refresh link several times before the build completes. When complete, a new configuration identifier appears under the CONFIG ID column.

  5. Click Activate under the Status column for the new configuration identifier and deactivate any previous configurations.

  6. Locate the previous cache and click Deactivate.

  7. To verify your changes, clear the browser cache and test the storefront page. The page should display the Digital River Terms and Conditions, as well as the new payment methods.