Step 4: Configure the payment method settings

Learn how to configure the payment method settings.

Since Digital River acts as the merchant of record on all transactions, payment methods must be configured by Digital River. Work with your Digital River representative to configure the selection and display of payment methods in the Digital River Drop-in payment integration. Enabling Digital River payment methods and other payment methods on the configuration page for the same store will result in failures.

  1. From the Magento Admin panel, select Stores, select Configuration, select Sales, select Payment Methods.

  2. In Payment Methods, make the following selections:

Understand 3D Secure Challenge Questions

In many European countries, 3D Secure is used by banks to prevent credit card fraud and to comply with PSD2 regulations. 3D Secure presents a challenge question to authenticate all shoppers paying with credit cards. You can choose whether your shoppers see the challenge question either:

  • On the Payments page of the checkout after clicking Continue OR

  • On the Order Confirmation page of the checkout after clicking Place Order

Digital River recommends that you have the question appear on the Order Confirmation page. This setting is controlled by Digital River. Please work with your Digital River representative if you wish to change the location of your 3D Secure challenge question.

Note: This change is not supported by the PayPal payment method.

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