Taiwanese invoices and eGUI information

Learn how you can use a Taiwanese invoice to collect required GUI information.

When the selling entity for a shopper transaction is Digital River Taiwan, you need to collect specific information from customers and use it to populate a Government Uniform Invoice (GUI or eGUI). You can do this by capturing information collected in a specific custom invoice related to that transaction. The Taiwanese government uses this invoice to collect tax revenue and minimize tax avoidance.

The Digital River Extension automatically displays the required Invoice fields during checkout where appropriate (for example, for local online sales to shoppers in Taiwan). During checkout, the type of invoicing information you need to collect depends on whether the transaction is for an individual or a business.

Collect invoice information from an individual's transaction

To collect the invoice information from an individual's purchase, you must:

  1. Choose one of the following options:

  2. Select the checkbox to allow Digital River Taiwan to handle e-invoice related matters on your behalf.

  3. Click Submit.

Collect invoice information from a business transaction

To collect the needed invoice information from a business purchase, you must:

  1. Enter the company name in the Company field (this is now a mandatory address field).

  2. Click Apply.

Note: In both of the described order flows, the payment instrument input fields do not appear until you have added your Invoice or Tax ID information and have clicked the appropriate button to Submit or Apply.

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