Learn how to manage fulfillments coordinated by both Digital River and third-parties

You can use the Fulfillment Orders API and the Fulfillment Cancellations API to initiate and cancel the fulfillment of an order's physical products.

When physical and digital products are successfully fulfilled or cancelled, the Fulfillments API allows you to capture or cancel the appropriate payment amount.

The specific fulfillment related APIs that you use, and the sequence that you use them in, depends on whether Digital River coordinates an order's fulfillment or whether you've delegated that responsibility to a third party.

Digital River coordinated fulfillments

When Digital River coordinates the fulfillment of your physical products, you'll first use the Fulfillment Orders API to initiate the process.

Once you've done that, and received the appropriate events, you'll need to use the Fulfillments API to inform us which products are fulfilled or cancelled. This notification then prompts Digital River to capture or cancel the customer's payment.

Third-party coordinated fulfillments

If you have a third-party fulfillment system in place, meaning Digital River does not orchestrate the delivery of your goods, then the Fulfillments API is all you'll need to handle an order's fulfillment.

By submitting one or more create fulfillment requests for every order, you're informing Digital River which products, and in what quantity, have been fulfilled or cancelled. Depending on the data you provide, we then attempt to capture or cancel the appropriate payment charge.

For third-party coordinated fulfillments, the following diagram outlines the major steps in creating, processing, and delivering orders to customers that contain physical and digital goods.