Initiating a charge

Learn how to specify the type of charge

You can use the chargeType parameter to tell Digital River whether you expect the payment source to be used for a customer-initiated, merchant-initiated, or mail/telephone-initiated transaction.

The following table outlines the enumerated elements of the chargeType parameter:



Can a CVV be used?

Can 3DS measures be used?

"customer_initiated" (default)

In this case, the cardholder actively participates in the transaction. This is the most common charge type, representing the majority of online checkouts. During these transactions, the customer provides payment details at the time of checkout or uses stored payment information.




This is a transaction submitted using stored payment details without the cardholder's active participation during the checkout. This charge type can only occur when an agreement exists that allows the client to initiate payments on behalf of their customers.

Since Digital River acts as the authorized reseller of record, we initiate and process the transaction on your behalf. You, in turn, are acting on the behalf of your customer.

Subscription renewals and automated payments for water, sewer, gas, or electric utilities are common examples of this charge type.




A Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) is a payment card transaction initiated by mail, fax or over the phone. In these transactions, customers provide you their payment details by regular mail, fax, or telephone. By passing this information to you, the customer authorizes you (who, in turn, authorizes Digital River) to process the transaction.